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An interactive, affordable, and informative self-survey app, guiding you through each step of your property survey process.

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Informed Property

Decisions Start With Survey Shack

Survey Shack, established by Qualified surveyors, empowers you to make well-informed property decisions right from the start.





Property sales falling through often stem from unknown issues discovered during the surveying process.
Gain a deeper understanding of your property's condition and identify potential issues that a surveyor’s report will disclose.
The instant report will offer guidance on which competent tradesperson to instruct for addressing the identified issues.
Don’t let important information emerge late in the process and hinder the sale of your property.


Elevate your property viewings with Survey Shack’s interactive self-survey app, transforming the way you explore and assess your potential home.
Learn about the property's overall condition, potential defects, and other key aspects that surveyors evaluate during inspections.
The instant report will specify the qualified tradesperson or professional surveyor you should engage for the next steps and explains the reasoning behind it.
Become property smart and make well informed decisions throughout your home buying journey.


Survey Shack’s innovative app seamlessly aligns with NTSELAT's latest directive regarding material information in property listings.
Identify any significant defects, essential for maintaining transparency in property listings.
The instant reports will cover the mandated material information, enhancing the overall quality of property listings.
Save valuable time and cost by avoiding fall-throughs all while shielding your clients from unwelcome surprises.

Clear Pricing

Full Report

Survey Shack's full report delivers an indicative overview of the property, covering both internal and external aspects. This report combines the findings of your internal survey, which assesses interior conditions, with those of your external survey, focusing on the exterior of the building.
Ideal for gaining an understanding of a property to make informed decisions from the start, this interactive report offers guidance that, when the survey steps followed accurately, ensures visible and accessible details are considered, making it an essential tool for property owners, buyers, agents, and investors.

Priced at £29.99.

External Report

Survey Shack's external report provides an engaging, interactive survey of building's visible external features, alongside insights on adjacent grounds and structures.
Suitable for properties where an internal survey is not required, this report is a valuable tool for owners, potential buyers, agents, and investors, offering clarity on the property's external aspects and actionable next steps.

Priced at £19.99.

Internal Report

Survey Shack's internal report offers an interactive self-survey focusing on property's visible and accessible internal elements, such as exposed roof structures, walls, ceilings, floors, kitchens, and bathrooms.
This valuable tool provides owners, potential buyers, agents, and investors with insights into the property's internal condition, and provides guidance towards actionable next steps.

Priced at £19.99.
* All reports include external windows and doors, basic property ownership details and next step guidance for services. Additionally, links are provided to relevant Government guidelines.

Features of our app

User friendly interface

Secure payment

On-the-go surveys

Transparent Pricing

Friendly support

The Survey Shack

Rating System

Your guided inspection methodically assesses the condition of key elements of the main building, gauging the urgency of maintenance or repairs required, the potential cost implications, and the need for further investigation, all of which are detailed in the final report.

Red Status

(Urgent Repair and/or Further Investigation Required): Elements under Red Status show serious defects needing urgent attention. Delay in addressing these can lead to significant safety hazards or long-term property damage. This category often includes issues with substantial cost implications for repairs.

Purple Status

(Attention Needed Soon): Assigned to elements requiring more information or evidence for a full assessment. These issues may not be urgent but could escalate to Red Status if their potential impact increases or remains unclear, indicating a need for prompt resolution.

Yellow Status

(Attention Required but Non-Urgent): This status covers elements with defects needing repair or replacement but not immediately serious or urgent. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent these minor issues from developing into major concerns.

Green Status

(No Current Issues, Routine Maintenance Required): This status indicates elements in good condition, with no current repair needs. Regular maintenance is vital to maintain this status, reflecting the property's well-maintained condition and functioning.


Asked Questions

Who undertakes the survey?

You conduct the survey with the assistance of Survey Shack's app. The app guides you through the property using professional written interactions, images, and visual cues. Your responses to a set of professionally crafted questions generate an informative report on the property's condition. This process educates you on the property's condition and, when necessary, provides specific recommendations on the best professional or type of competent contractor to instruct.

Do I need any equipment?

While equipment is not essential to undertake the Survey Shack self-survey, having certain items can significantly enhance your ability to inspect the property. We recommend, if possible, bringing binoculars, a ruler, and, if available, a damp meter. These items will enable you to conduct a more thorough and effective property inspection. These items can be purchased for as little as £50 from Amazon. Please see the 'Recommended Tools' section below.

How long do inspections take?

We suggest allocating approximately 30 minutes for Survey Shack's guided external survey. While you may answer questions at a later time, it is advisable to respond while the information is fresh in your mind. 

For the internal inspection, especially if you plan to examine the roof structure, we recommend allowing a more generous timeframe, potentially up to 60 minutes, depending on this factor.

Will I have to undertake my self-survey in one go?

You won't be required to complete the inspection all at once. However, for a comprehensive pre-survey, we suggest completing the external assessment and as many internal elements as you feel comfortable with during your initial viewing. We recommend addressing the remaining elements during subsequent inspections. Multiple viewings demonstrate your interest and provide adequate time to arrange access to all areas of the property, should they be deemed safe to access, and risk mitigation.

Do you offer valuations?

We do not provide valuation services.

Does a mortgage valuation cover my interests?  

The primary purpose of a mortgage valuation is to safeguard the lender's interest in a property. While the valuation surveyor has a duty of care to the applicant, these surveys are often brief, sometimes lasting as little as 15 minutes, including property measurements. Consequently, it's evident that a mortgage valuation survey does not comprehensively assess all aspects of a property's condition. It may not account for upcoming significant expenses that could impact the applicant but might not concern the lender.

Will a professional surveyor review my answers and the report prior to being provided to me?

While the guidance, questions, and responses have been crafted by a professional RICS accredited member, it's important to note that a professional surveyor will not be reviewing your responses to the questions or the subsequent report based on your selections.

Will I still need a professional survey?

Based on your inputs, you may receive advice recommending instructing a professional surveyor and/or consulting with competent contractors.

Do you recommend specific surveyors and competent contractors?

In the near future, we will provide recommendations for defect-specific, industry rated competent contractors and surveyors based on the location details of the property you enter.